Modern Earth Whare. 2017

Our clients brief was for a home that’s functional, warm and inviting, and be as toxin free and healthy as possible. Having a low carbon footprint was also important, so local suppliers and materials were used where possible. With this in mind, rammed earth construction was an obvious choice, and is complemented with recycled materials, and locally sourced timber, finished with natural oils.

The house takes advantage of thermal mass. The sun heats up the concrete floor, and the rammed earth walls help keep the house an even temperature, so it’s warm in winter and cool in summer.


  • Floor area: 237m2
  • 3 bedrooms + office
  • 2 bathrooms


  • 300mm thick rammed earth walls
  • Wall cladding: Bevelback Macrocarpa weatherboards
  • Double glazed aluminium joinery - Ironsand
  • Corrugated Colorsteel roofing - Ironsand
  • Macrocarpa T+G soffits
  • Cedar Plywood ceilings to living room
  • Interior linings - T+G silver beech